Sunday, September 14, 2008

“The Times That I Have Spent to Earn Money by Bloging and Adsense”

“The Times That I Have Spent to Earn Money by Bloging and Adsense”

There is an opinion that blogger can earn money easily just by bloging and adsense. This is a reality or just a hope. Hey … Newbie’s… we must considering that opinion.

Let me tell you something. If you a newbie’s and you just have one active site, how many times we have spent in effort to earn money, by bloging with adsense on our page or do the internet marketing for the first $100 payment from Google? maybe your answer is among 4 to 6 months.

This is my own experience.

Month 1 - 2.

In the first two months, the search engine not gives me free traffic yet. It means no visitor for my page, automatically. For those two months, I am doing the search engine optimization, on page optimization and off page optimization, etc.

Month 3 - 4.

In the third month, I have several visitors; the search engine gives me a less free traffic. Besides that, chatting, visiting other blog and inviting the visitor to my page, join with the social media sites, are the other ways to improving traffic I start to earn money in this month. My earned about $24 in those two months,

Month - 5.

My earned about $60. It is not enough to receive the first payment.

Not easy to receiving the first payment from Google Adsense, it need a times and cost, cautiously and patiently.

Have you ever received your first payment from Google Adsense within 3 or 4 month ?


mapsandearth said...

Hi A-Smart2Rich

i'm new in adsense .i have to learn for's a good programme .it let you work hard to find secrets of internet and search engine .and seo .

my blog :

bookscabinet said...

hi friend nice tips for us . thanks
keeping good work all the best

Anonymous said...

that's goo earning from adsense. can you tell me how adsense calculate earning. is it based on click alone or impressions are counted as well?

artofreed said...

@ mapsandearth : Thank you ! I will visit your blog.

@ bookscabinet : Thank you.

@ papabear : your earning must be below 10% of CTR.

Ngatini said...

waduh waduh...what are u talking about..
pengen deh dapet duit juga...

Technical Analysis said...

Great Work mate cheers Keep me add in ur blogroll named as Tipssmarket.


artofreed said...

@ Ngatini: Aku juga pengen ... he..he..he

@technical analysis : Oke I add you and thank you.

Samara said...

Well, I'm also new to adsense and blog earning. And i could only say, well, it's really hard to earn when you don't do anything. Even in blogging we also need to invest some time to increase our traffic, promote our blog, and attract advertisers and so on.

In my first month, i've only earned $0.44. Lol. I hope on this second month i'd be able to reach a dollar. Pathetic me. haha.

Tripzibit said...

my first month earning from adsense $28,12. It will take alot of hardwork my friends. Keep smile :)

The Bad Blogger said...

I doesn't use adsense... because is no sense to use it, if you work for 6 months and not yet even 100 dollar... you are just wasting your time... you see if you could use the 6 months to really learn how to make money online other then adsense, I honestly believe you could earn more then you could possibly dream of... So what for you waste your time on stuff that is hard? Within a month I got visitors coming to my blog, believe it or not, I doesn't use SEO or any sort of word phrase to trick people to enter my blog... is all about the content, learn to write before you even learn how to make money online.... peace..

FilmAsia said...

I received my first Adsense check after 18 months since opening my account. My second check after 7 months. And I am expecting my third check after 4 months working on it.

18 months = 1st check
7 months = 2nd check
4 months = 3rd check (expecting)

It's very hard to earn at first as my personal experience suggests. But if you work hard anything is possible.

dede said...

you right brother, mKING MONEY ONLINE IS NOT AS TURNING YOUR HAND, need ore effort, i agree what bad blogger said,..good content,content 1000x, will generate the traffic...naturally

Demcy Apdian- Dias said...

Hey Rid! can't leave a message on your is down or something..hop here today!

Anonymous said...

I have an award for you at


Anonymous said...

I forgot whether I have left this comment or not but here it goes again.

An award for you at

artofreed said...

@ Samara and @ Tripzibit, : My earn in my first month just $0.77. Thank you for your comment.

@The Bad Blogger : I earn $100 now... long time enough but I enjoy it. Thank you for your comment.

@ Film Asia and @ Dede : Yes My friend, We need more work ! Thank you for your comment.

@ Dhemz : Thank you

@ Papa Bear : I'll grab, thank you


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