Tuesday, September 02, 2008

“A Newbie, Bloging and Adsense”

“A Newbie, Bloging and Adsense

Are you a newbie? Active enough on bloging and adsense publisher?

The fact is the newbie capable to have one active blog with adsense on his/her page or even more blog at the same time.

After posted a articles, the newby desire to be a publisher and begin active to get traffic, generally. Because to be a publisher of adsense is too easy for blogger.

To improving the traffic, a newbies submit his / her URL to the directories, join the discussion group, do the Chat, send an e-mail to they friends, do the exchange link or do something offline activity to promote they blog.

Sometimes we get a result by bloging for our earn f, because almost always click by the visitors and it makes happy.

But then, there’s a problem caused clicks in the relation on percentage of Impression and the CTR. Sometimes we see that the CTR below 10% and sometimes above 10%. The blogger must be known the effect from this percentage of this CTR.

The fact is; will be better if the newbie’s more patient and not do not rush to be a publisher . Get the traffic first and learn more knowledge about bloging and adsense. We need more knowledge and experiences to be a publisher. Find and learn other blogger experience to learning about this bloging and adsense.


DeLiA said...

it came over me in a rush when i realize that i love you so much...


being patient is not that easy, Kang ;)

articlesblogger said...

Nice post!
Thanks for share it

Krishna said...

I am also new to adsense, though I am not new to internet and blogging. You rightly said it; for earning nicely one needs good traffic. I have some high traffic sites and very low traffic ones ( but with good PR). I earn well from the high traffic sites.
Thanks for sharing the info.
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shaxx said...

i have no more adsense :(

artofreed said...

@delia : yes, must be patient for bloging and earn from adsense

@articlesblogger : thank you.

@krishna : so that's true that high rank get a high traffic and improving earn too

@shaxx : I want to know your experiences about adsense.

Krishna said...

Hi, You have a very nice blog. I would like to exchange links with you. Here are my blogs that get total hits of 100,000 a month. Link me and buzz me. I will add you immediately. It will save time for both of us.
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Thanks and regards.

cerita senja said...

i know nothing about adsense..:D

Bunda Rierie said...

adsense..hi..hi..bunda dibuat pusing...lupa mlulu... dan enggak bisa makenya..halah..dasar ibu2...

★Jasmine said...

YAY~ i got adsense!!!
way to go :D

elbistanlı said...

hello thanks for you visit my blog good days..plase you can adition the friends list.please

Roxx said...

AdSense, Itu nyebelin banget!!! Ga bisa makenya.... ma'lum makluk ter-OOn. hehehe... namanya juga newbie.... jadi q gunain AdBrite aza dech yang simpel & gampang. Lumayan sich... ada perkembangan.

Bos, gimana yach caranya buat menonaktifkan akun AdSense? abisnya aq bete sich....

NICE BLOG bOS.............!!! SALUT 2 U...... MANTAFFFFFFFF!!!!


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