Friday, May 22, 2009

Dragonara.Net Company is Your Best Defense

Dragonara.Net Company is Your Best Defense Company, which is providing its clients with
dedicated hosting
, was founded in April, 2007. The territory, where the servers are located, is in Switzerland. The choice of the place of activity shows how important the question of safety is for the company. The specialists are joking about the «Baptism of fire» of the company, which took place already in May, when the massive ddos attack was repulsed. But this attack, however, did not influence the work of dedicated servers, served by this company. Soon, the company became the place of the intercorporation conference, devoted to the questions of ddos protection. Nowadays, one of the most important tasks of the company is the development of the super micro servers company, the amount of which during the first half-year reach the level equal to 50% because of constantly growing demand. By the end of 2007 more than 100 clients were served by this company, and also in September, 2008 when the company opened a new platform in Holland.

One of the measures, directed at the perfection of the protecting from ddos attack, was the appearance of 10GE multi-homed connection, which has considerably increased the quality of the ddos protection. Now the clients of the company get practically unlimited possibilities to run business and to be sure that there will be no meddling of the malefactors. In September, 2008 the company set new equipment for ddos protection, which, according to the specialists of the company, will give an opportunity to the clients to remain calm even in a very complicated situations.

The company has considerably extended base possibilities of the offered products by constant perfection of its activity, in particular, by increasing the territory for the servers of Base and Simple category. Except for it, the company had renewed the assortment of the offered equipment without the change of the service’s price.
Today the Company declares proudly, that perfect ddos protection is real. Today the specialists of the company have developed protective systems, which can stop ddos attack of practically any kind and scale. According to the statistical date, which is kept by the employees of the company, each month they manage to stop more than 100 attacks of 10mb/s power.

Clients, who today use the Company service, get not only dedicated servers, but the servers, which are fully ddos protected. The is confident in its service that is why the company gives the clients an opportunity to return money in the case if the client refuses to co-operate for some reason or other. However, the amount of the clients increases constantly. That means that today a great number of different companies and corporations need a high-quality ddos protection hosting like never before. And if you are still searching for a company which will be able to provide you with the service of the dedicated server, than Company is something that you really need. Nowadays, the professional team of Company put professionalism above all. Always remember about the best hosting for ddos attacks which the Company with world reputation is always ready to provide you with.


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