Sunday, September 28, 2008

"I've Got a PageRank !"

What will you do by bloging to get Google PageRank and earn money from adsense? You need a Google PageRank for your site?, it is easy to get if you work hard and do the Search Engine Optimizations (on page and off page optimization).

I did the several steps in several months, i.e:

  1. Posting articles (34 articles more or less, until now) and put the specific keywords on my articles
  2. Submited URL to the directories.
  3. Sign Up to BlogCatalog and it Discussion Group and broadcast my post to my friends in Blogcatalog;
  4. Sign Up to MyBlogLog;
  5. Put Shoutbox chatting;
  6. Link Exchange;
  7. Give a comment for other articles / other blog

The good news for me after bloging and publishing Adsense for 5 month, in the end of September, I earned my first $100.

After all my work for more or less 6 month, I’ve got PR 0 on my rank widget. On September 27, I got a good news from my friend on Discussion Group of Blogcatalog.

finally I ranked by Google. I want to say thank you to Friday13 for your good news: “You've got a PageRank of 2”.


Anonymous said...

Congrats bro! Put more work into it and you will go further!

Bunda Rierie said...

selamat yaaaaa...rid.. wah..hebat oiyyy

DeLiA said...

beberapa minggu lalu Delia cek PR, masih 0, Kang.. eh, hari ini nge-cek malah udah 2!

padahal kurang dari 1 bulan lhoooo periode nge-cek-nya ;)

Delia hebad yaaaaaaaah :P hehehehe

:::Narsis MODE ON:::

kenapa bisa bgitu yah..??

JANIZ said...

Congrats!He's not that rich sir.
As a matter of fact he run as councilor last election but he lose.

Dony Alfan said...

Congrats mate! Blog saya juga naik lagi PR-nya, sempet turun jadi 3, eh sekarang udah naik jadi 4 lagi. Many thanks to Google

Ivana said...

congratz,bro!!keep up d good work!!

Anonymous said...


jhoicexoxo said...

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