Friday, August 08, 2008

One Way Back Link, Quick and Easy

OneWay Back Link, Quick and Easy

By Ridwan

All of us, have an online sites or blog and we need that what we have to get friendly with the search engine robot by giving the easy way to read the HTML code of our sites for the better PageRank and free traffic achievement.


All of blogger knows how to optimize our site / like and maybe most of us did not know how to make friendly with the search engine’s robot. There are two ways to optimize our page. Do the first by doing page optimization (Topic, the description of our blog and keywords). Second, is off page optimization by do the link exchange or find back link. More links to our site / blog it will be better off course.

For some link partner for your page, we use the link exchange but it occasionally take such long time because we must approve them one by one, need much cost and we must ready if someone push away your approval.

Is there another way to have a quality back link by quick, easy and cheap? The answer is doing the Social Marketing by joining with Social Media Sites. Your can post your articles, picture, video for several and even there are the social media site that receive all topic.

We have an advantage from those Social Media Sites like having a back link from them, without link to those social media sites, share with the others user based of your topics, traffic from the social media sites, etc.

Remember that The Social Media Sites is the place for share each other, not for advertise your blog. Post your newest and your up date articles, pictures or videos, will be better if it your own creations and unique and makes other visitor have to visit your blog caused by your post. Choose the social media sites that according with your post, like technorati, Digg, u-Tube, Flixya, Flickr, reddit, etc.

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