Monday, August 04, 2008

Implementing Adsense Suggestions

Implementing Adsense Suggestions

Hi, people, as a newbie in the planet of internet marketing online, we need to realize our website / blog get the traffic, get the high page rank and off course earn much money.

After a mount being a Publisher, we received a letter from Adsense Team in Recent Messages (placed in the middle of A Report). The letter especially sent to us as a tips or suggestions to improve our earning from Adsense. After the first month, you had received first news from the Team, me too. This letter contains the suggestion to publish Adsense by search. Therefore, I was publishing this Referral on my blog.

In the second mount I received suggestions to Publish Adsense Referral and U-Tube Video on may page and I do it?

People, I think that those suggestions can improving the optimization of my page and get more traffic, in fact:

1. Adsense by Search contains several advertisement. If someone searches the ad by type a keyword on Adsense search bar, displaying some ads and click one of those ads. It means one click = 100% IMP = 100% CTR. Imagine if our CTR from this Adsense By Search always above 10%. What will happen?

2. Adsense Referral not to give you some bucks if the visitor just clicks your Adsense but not submit or buy something

3. U-Tube video, just make our page slow to display.

At least, I delete those optimization from Adsense Team from my blog. I doesn’t matter because not all the tips or suggestions from the Adsense team can guarantee our successful.

Google Inside Adsense Team write:

While we’re not able to guarantee results from implementing these suggestions, we’ve found that these techniques have been successful for many publishers in the past which is why we’ve developed this feature for you.

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