Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Lost That Caused By Hit and Run Click

The Lost That Caused By Hit and Run Click

Someone maybe do this activity; click the ads. Just for satisfying their curiously for the content of ads, just for helping friends, or surely they need the service or stuff from those ads they had clicked.

There are some loss besides the benefit for the ads publisher that caused by someone hit they ads.

As we know, the CTR of the publisher must have a rate among 0.5% to 10%. The Google Adsense will suspicious if the rate of normal Click Trough Rate is above 10%, especially if the publisher have a blog or new site with young age that automatically have the less visitors, even if your blog not indexing by search engine yet, your account may be get banned.

Hit and run clickers usually click the ads for several second and then go out, not waiting the entire features of ads opened or not reading what the content of the ads. Hit and run clickers usually click some ads just for the targeting page.

For the action like that, the publisher have a loss that caused the entire ads features not open, the ads publisher maybe only have the increasing of Click Through Rate but not earn money. In the other side, The Google Adsense will suspicious this as a click fraud through Adsense.

If you want to click someone’s adsense, better if you wait after the entire of ads open and take a several minutes to read the content of ads, do not click the same ads for several times, and accessing the blog by search engines. Do not make other publisher or your friend be banned.


Anza said...

Good article ..

garry said...

I had a a previous blog that got banned by Adsense because of something I never did. It is almost impossbile to get Adsense to take your point of view that you are entirely innocent. I feel it may have been someone that held a grudge against how well my blog was doing.

artofreed said...

@ Anza and @Garry : Thank you for your comment. Yes, very difficult monetize from our blog !, and risky to banned.


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