Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Discover 5 Highly Effective FREE Marketing Methods That Will Bring Your Dreams Into A Reality!

By : Antonio Easter

Antonio EasterLevel: Basic PLUSAntonio Easter is a Master Internet Marketer, Home Business Mentor, and Coach, who specializes in helping people from all walks of life, walk away from ...
Often when the word "marketing" graces our ears, the thought of cost often accompanies the age old word. This dynamic force, which is a necessity for any business, is a word that can kill enthusiasm for many inspiring entrepreneurs. Before I discovered these highly effective FREE marketing methods, anytime marketing was mentioned to me, I saw multitudes of dollar signs.
Not anymore!

In this article I will list 5 highly effective marketing methods that when executed properly will usher your "pie in the sky" dreams into a reality.

ARTICLE MARKETING - Is one of my favorite marketing methods when promoting my online business. If you choose to write your own articles, this will be absolutely FREE. The reason I love this method so much is because it is viral in nature. It spreads like a virus, with the potential to be read by countless Internet users. Also, once your articles get into the search engines, they act as 24 hour 7 day a week sales people for your online business. These are just two of the many benefits of Article Marketing.

PRESS RELEASE MARKETING - I call this marketing method a cousin of article marketing. Press Release marketing is much like article marketing in it's viral effect. Again, it's like having sales men working for you around the clock.

BLOGGING - This is a very powerful FREE marketing method. Your goal should be to update your blog 2-3 times weekly, consistently. When blogging is executed correctly, it should hit critical mass after a while, flooding your online business with sales. You NEED to blog for at least 6 months.

CLASSIFIED ADS - This is FREE and can be HIGHLY effective also. Make sure that you are writing effective headlines to capture the attention of your target market. Remember to test, test, test. Online marketing is like life and success, it is a journey of testing over and over again. No one ever arrives with online marketing. Master Internet Marketers who earn 7 figures monthly are students of ongoing testing.

VIDEO MARKETING - This can be highly effective, because it gives your viewer a personal feel for you. They get to see you and hear you. This is almost like you are there with them in person.
Here is a little secret...get 200 articles into cyber space, and watch your online business EXPLODE.

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