Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Make Money Online - 7 Ways To Earn With Free Websites

By : Huey Lee

Is it really possible to make money online from a free web site? As hard as it is to believe, we are here to tell you that it is! Better yet, we are going to give you some suggestions on how to do so in these useful tips on how to make money online without having to spend a single cent!

MySpace is undoubtedly a social phenomenon that has taken over the Internet world by storm. You can use it to make some money by becoming a domain name reseller and advertising your services on your own MySpace page.

Information website - One of the basic foundations of the web is information exchange, and if you can host a web site that offers plenty of useful, interesting and relevant information, you are only a simple step away from charging potential readers a fee for accessing that information.

Auction site - Ebay is of course the foremost auction web site on the Internet today, but there's certainly no reason why you shouldn't be able to make money online from your own auction web site! It may be a good idea to limit your scope to a specific niche to begin with, as this will make managing your web site much easier.

Good content - The key to any successful web site is good content and lots of it. Whether you are selling a product or a service or you are hosting a blog, the importance of hosting fresh, original, unique and most of all, useful content cannot be underestimated.

Build links - Like any community, the Internet thrives on relationships that are built between other members of that community, and building links is the best way to foster that online relationship.

Ebook - There is a huge market for e-books that has grown in recent years and many online entrepreneurs are realizing for themselves the potential to earn a pretty decent income from them. It really doesn't take all that much either. All it requires is sufficient knowledge about the particular subject matter that you will write about and you are off!

Avoid "making money" - Finally, the Internet is full of web sites that offer you ways to make money online. Unfortunately not many really know what they are talking about. Unless you can prove to your readers that you are indeed successful at doing so, it would be best to avoid this topic.

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