Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Three Types of Adsense Publisher

I thoght, maybe there are three types of adsense publisher based by their earn:

  1. The blogger with adsense account that targeting the big earning by bloging and publish adsense, maybe they put the target more than $500 per month and they do i.e:
  • Search Engine Optimization, Off Page optimization and On Page Optimization, and;
  • They have more than 10 active blogs / websites with the staff;
  • They have an article writers or they hire the article writer (ghost writer), having much time to take care their blog / web;
  • Put the expensive keywords. The expensive keywords give an equal earn for the publisher. For examples : Best Mortgage Refinance, Accident Helpline, Lenders Tree, Acorn Stair Lifts, Ambulance Billing, Secure Loans Online Future Broker, Dwi Attorney, College Loans Consolidation, Missouri Mesothelioma Lawyers, School Loans Consolidation, conference calling companies, cheap auto insurance, debt consolidation, etc;
  • Do the Adwords, advertising their blog / web or their product. This is the fast way to earn big money in internet marketing.

  1. The blogger with Adsense Account that put the medium target of earning ( >$100 - $500 ):

  • Do the Search Engine Optimization, Off Page optimization and On Page Optimization too;
  • Just own several blogs;
  • They write the article by themselves without staff.
  • Use the keywords too, but not the expensive keywords.
  • They only satisfied as an Adsense Publisher to earn money from their blog.

  1. The blogger without target of their earn from bloging / blogging and adsense ( <$100 - $100 ).

That is it; maybe this article is useful for you, but maybe the newbie need this info.

So, what is your type? Give me a comment and critics.


Other Side said...

Hi, drop :) nice with long weeked :)

Dorothy L said...

Hey is a good post of information for bloggers just learning the ropes.
A;though due to your is a bit confusing and I had to read it a couple of times in order to understand you completely.
This is simply a positive observation please do net think I am being negative.

Have a very nice day!

Connie said...

I guess I can no longer grab such opportunity because google had deleted my adsense account. But hey you have a nice post here! Great info!

Tripzibit said...

I think i'm number 2

artofreed said...

@Other Side : Thank you for your visit

@Dorothy L: Thank you for your critic. This article still need to edit

@Connie : Oh... keep try Connie

Tripzibit : Thank you Tripzibit

Joe Engressia said...

HII, i am here again. your blog is cozy :)

Heryrhey said...

Maybe iam number two thx 4 nice posting :)

S said...

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Arif BE said...

Good article...
Your link added in my blog. Link me back. oke...

marco said...

thanks for the post


aH Lian~@cik ian cumel said...

tq for droping by...
dtglah selalu...

"tolong jwb poll di entry, kerjasama anda sebagai shbt amat dihargai, TQ's~"

Clarissa said...

I'm not a paid blogger and don't know anything on that but thanks for posting.

Thanks for dropping by!^_^
Have a nice day!

Mas De_Fa said...

maybe...I'm number four.hehehe..
But..this is nice post boz.

Heryrhey said...

Keep u post :)

snage said...

well, gonna have to know how to earn in the net,, hope i could apply all of it...

Anonymous said...

thanx for the info..........
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