Tuesday, February 24, 2009

“Page Impression”

“Page Impression”

Eight month I had bloging and publishing adsense. For those 8 months, I just earn about $140 from adsense (I do not receive the payment until I post this article, yet). That is a long time for bloging / blogging and publishing adsense, it needed patiently and hard working.

One month after I earned my first $100, I have been deleted my adsense from my page for about a month, because there are a high percentage of adsense which clicked comparing with my page impression or visitors on my page. Besides, I am so busy for that time and have no much time for my blog.

The adsense publisher knows that Google Adsense only accepts below 10% of CTR (click through rate). That percentage of CTR is the result from the sum of clicked adsense / page impression you’ve got x 100% (% of CTR = sum of Adsense Click / Impression of you page x 100%)

It is difficult, for having much impression for my page. Imagine, if you just having 20 visitors or page impressions and there are three adsense which clicked, it means 15% of CTR and it is not accept by Google Adsense.

I have a simple opinion that if I am having more visitors for my blog and open more pages of my articles, mean more impression for my adsense. Even, if we have a Google Pagerank for three, it is not helpful for getting more visitors. You must inviting peoples to visit your page as much as you can to avoid unaccepted percentage of CTR by Google Adsense. Unaccepted percentage CTR of Adsense is the one from several reasons that will make our account of Adsense banned. Check your Adsense Report and look the percentage of your CTR, your CTR is above or below of 10%. If you have the percentage CTR for above 10% for a month, be careful, your Adsense Account maybe banned.

One important thing I must do in bloging / blogging and publish an adsense, just a less visitors to my page even I have the Google PageRank. I must inviting peoples or other bloggers to visit my page. They do not come to my page if I am not inviting them. First, I must visit their blog to inviting them and they will visit to my blog. I inviting my visitors actively via chatbox or shoutmix, give a comment for article or post of other bloggers, joining the group of discussion, put my URL on Social Media Sites, broadcast my post, etc.

That is it, my opinion about the important of the visitors for page impression for adsense publisher; do not forget the Adsense TOS. I am sure you have any opinions, please share with me and give me a comment.


Budiawan Hutasoit said...

hi..why don't you try

bdh said...

That's really make sense, my own experience in adsense after almost 2 years I haven't reach $100 so, it is a hard work :-)

Daryo Tabayani Siampa said...

dorogoblog have a poor periods..
how to increase our visitor?

SIVA said...

I am new to bloging man.. Thanks for the advice..

leizl said...

really a hard work! patience is a virtue! :)

Trade and economic issues said...

have a great weekeend! :)


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