Friday, July 04, 2008

I’m a Foolish Newbie in Searching Niche for My Internet Marketing Business

By Ridwan

I’m a Foolish Newbie In Searching Niche For My Internet Marketing Business; it is true, because I do not know how to choosing and deciding a good niche idea for my site yet.

Peoples talk that a hobby could be a niche, by performing a hobby as a business you will not boring, it make you happy and fun. Even these activities of this business are routine and repeatedly. You must research to know that your hobby have a value and it become your motivation and inspiring you for a long time.

Then I ask myself; what my hobby have a values in business, because it is for my happiness only. Poor me, I must researching it to know that, and it need and expensive cost exactly.

Actually, Google had gives the simple way to research for us. Google set the search engine machine to make us know the high-ranking sites and give me chances for considering my idea. Google set the Google Toolbar to make me know what the peoples search in the website while online. I download this Google Toolbar at

A simple way to use this Google Toolbar Just types a word that become your target, then Google Toolbar displaying all topics that most explore by other people. I am not too foolish now; I have the way to do the research by inexpensive cost.

The niche must contain idea and keywords to fix on the target of your market. It means one niche equal as one keyword. One keyword means one market. One market means …. (You fill that blank by yourself because I am still foolish).

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