Saturday, July 05, 2008

Google Loves Content

By Ridwan

Google loves content.

Your page landing of your site must rich by content. Google will see what contain of your content look like; your content categorized as a simple one simple or rich by information.

Good content - The key to any successful web site is good content and lots of it.

The good content, emphasize at

  • Original and fresh content

Your articles content, images or videos are original and fresh. It means the content create by yourself, do not be a copycat. Your content must up to date and rich by information. Better if the content up dates regularly. Do not forget that your articles must contain more than 100 words.

The other way to fill your content with article by takes an article from the free content. It is permission in the condition that you include his/her name and site on your page. If you busy to write an article and you have much money, you can hire the Google ghostwriter.

Remember that your content must impress your reader or visitor. It means that you must set your site displays and it contain up that will make your visitor/reader come back to your site again.

  • Your content must relevant with your website topic

  • Transparency into nature of your business navigability

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