Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Three Necessary Work-Habits Needed For A Successfull Internet Marketing Business

by Lisa M Williams

Do you own a successful internet marketing business? Or, do you want to? Do you wonder if anyone actually makes money with those things or is it just the first guys who got in to it who are making all of the money? The only way to know is to give it a try and give it the work-habits that it needs to be successful.

The following three work-habits are essential if an Internet Marketing business opportunity is to be judged fairly:

  1. Submit yourself to further education and training on a daily basis. Most, if not all, internet marketing business' provide training. Take advantage of all that they have to offer plus do your own research on the web, periodicals, newspapers, etc. to gain as much knowledge as you can about your business. Set a goal to read at least one article per day on Internet Marketing.
  2. Take action to promote sales. Internet Marketing makes selling possible for all personality types, by eliminating the cold-call approach and having to be skilled in verbally selling your product or idea. Of course, cost can be an issue for someone starting out. Internet marketing can be very expensive, but there are also free Internet Marketing avenues that anyone can do. Sometimes the free Internet Marketing can produce just as many results as the high-cost marketing, but it does take a little more time and energy. Set a goal to take action on at least one internet marketing avenue every day.
  3. Maintain the organization of your paperwork and office space. As you surround yourself with education and training, along with implementing your own Internet Marketing campaigns, you will need to develop a system of organization in your office area. No one likes to work in an unorganized mess. Some personalities cannot even think straight with a chaos of unfiled papers and a lack of eye-glancing knowledge of what marketing campaigns they currently have running. This "little" work-habit can throw off productivity for months, as the papers continue to pile up. Simply keep manila file folders on hand, and when a new category of paperwork comes in, use a pencil to write on the tab and file it in a filing cabinet. Done! Next, using any spreadsheet program, type in the description and date of every campaign that you have implemented, along with the dates that it is running. Print out the updated list and tack it or tape it on the wall by your computer. Done!

In order to judge any Internet Marketing business fairly, the above three work-habits should be applied consistently on a daily basis for at least six to twelve months. The daily time commitment is minimal. If your Internet Marketing business produces income for you, it could change your life...and your family's life, forever.

My goal is to encourage entrepreneur-minded individuals to make a difference in their family's life and in their community's life by rearranging their career-life in such a way that they have more quality time to invest in relationships.

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