Sunday, November 16, 2008

Get One Way Back Link by Media Sites

The social media sites can give you one-way back link.

As we known that One-way back link, one of the important off page optimization for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improving your PageRank and give you free traffic from the search engines.

Maybe you,re not need the address of the social media sites, but maybe some of our friend need it. Here are some of the Social Media Sites that may needed to improving your traffic and Link Popularity.

Bloggerparty : Sharing blog with other blogger, you can put your Google Adsense affiliate code on blog and share it 50 : 50

Blogging Zoom: Blogger can share the content of a good posting and konten. A good post and have a good rating, will zoomed by other blogger to displaying in the main page.

DEALigg : Social Media Sites for shoping ( online )

Digg : Entertainment, Politics, Technology, News. We can share the image and video here.

Earthfrisk : Sharing Video and image of humor, articles, websites, etc.

Fark : Fark is one of the news community sites; the users can give a comment to the post of other user’s article.

Flickr : Share video and images

Flixya : Share Images, Video and Blog

Gather : This Social Media Sites have a menu for sharing the articles, videos or images with all topic, books, finance, food, parenting, film and music, political news, entertainment, etc.

Helium : You can posting articles about art, otomotive, entertainment, education, food, health, hobbies, games, politics, traveling, computer and technology.

Hubpages : Post your articles with all topic

Hubspot : Special Media Sites for Marketer, Professional Business and Companies

Hubspot : Technical Marketing Topic


DeLiA said...

caranya masang Flickr di blog gimana siy, Kang..??
aq selalu gagal lhooooo :(
bisa tak..?? ajarin duuuuuuuuuunk..

Loveblogging said...

will try... thanks for sharing!

sunny said...

Thanks for this post!! good luck buddy!

Tripzibit said...

Bisa dicoba tuh. Tapi sampe sekarang kok blog-ku blm dapet pagerank ya? kemaren aku cek malah -1 :(

Narmadi said...

I jus wanna saya thanks for leaving a comment at

Tey said...

hmm I will keep this for a record. thanks
My Daily Thoughts Money Journal Blogger"s Recollections

dede said...

nice info kang, met online lagi, wilujeng come back atuh hehee


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