Thursday, July 17, 2008

Your Blog Is Not Earning – Cheat Adsense is Needed?.

Your Blog Is Not Earning – Cheat Adsense is Needed?.

By Ridwan

Your Blog Is Not Earning yet, it is a fact that more people whom blog are not receiving income and you may be included to them. How much money you have spent for your blog in effort to earn from Adsense and how much you get money in a month from your blog that you hope to give benefit. Even, you has wrote about something you know, wrote interesting articles, slap some Adsense or joined with some affiliate links, you have links to other web, you have link exchange, submitted URL, following group readers e.t.c.

How many times we must wait to earn first payment $100 from Adsense, for seven month? A year?, meanwhile some blog are earning "good" by the hands of "staff" or a group of people that manage them, or the other blog have a high PageRank from several search engine, earn more than $ 1,000 per month.

Then the questions thrown, Cheat Adsense is needed to earn some bucks from this Adsense? More peoples said NO because eventually the Google will catch you. Google know about clicking fraud.

How Google detect clicking fraud or cheat Adsense?. Here are a data that I have read from There are some methods. I read it from an article about cheating adsense by the author Fernando Hal, Here are some methods;

IP Address

You click your own adsense from the same IP as the one that you used for accessing your account.

If you already have to do this click, write an apologize letter to adsense

Google has set cookies on your computer, even you deleted your cookies or you have non-static IP address.

Other Google Services
Google will trace you by the data from Gmail, Google Search, Google Toolbar, and other Google services.

Just Click Yours
You just click your adsense that display on your page but not click adsense on other people page.

Accessing Not From Search Engine
Accessing these sites direct (type-in URL or from bookmark) tend to be very active ad-clickers compared with those referred from search engine or other sites?

Hit and Run
Hit and run ad-clickers, you are not reading what the contain of ad that you has clicked. It is clear that the clicker just visiting your web just to clicks Adsense

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
Your CTR may range from 0.5% to 10%. More than 10%, be carefull.

Click from a Location Near You

A high number of clicks from the small geo point, a high number of clicks from the nearby location to you.

Hardware address?
MAC address of the LAN card, modem, and router works almost like a fingerprint

Search Engine Ranking
Your website is not indexed on any search engine but get consistently high traffic. It means you click yourself or your friends click your Adsense.

A Words in Webpage design

A Words like “click here” or “support us” through your Adsense.

Remember, I do not suggest you to do that cheating Adsense. Play it honest.


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