Monday, May 19, 2008

Stop Thinking Of How You Can Make Money From Internet Marketing And Start Doing It Now

written by: Kelvin Lee

I've got a confession to make. When I first started to get into contact with internet marketing, I am very excited about the opportunity it can provide. But at the same time, I am thinking how I can compete with those people who are already in this business for a long time.

I spent about a few months thinking over and over about this business. In the end, what did I gain in this few months? NOTHING!

I realize that I have wasted my time worrying things that are created by my own thinking. Therefore I decided to enter into the business to see more. When I started the internet marketing business, I found out that the market is so abundance that there are still so many area that those successful marketers have not touched yet. I finally knew that I am the one who is limiting myself in whatever I do. So I decided to write this article to encourage people out there who are still sitting on the fence to come in and work on this business. So why should you enter this business?

Do you know that you will never get to understand the internet marketing business simply by sitting on the fence watching people playing in the business? Do you think that you can be as good as Michael Jordan simply by seeing him playing basketball?

Absolutely NO!

You have to enter the game and learn and practice non-stop to achieve that. It is the same for internet marketing business. You have to enter the business to really understand how it works and what you need to do to make it works.

Continuous learning is very important in this business because of the constant changing nature of the internet. Therefore you have to learn from other marketers to constantly upgrade your skill so that you can help to improve your business.

The keyword here in this business is to think ABUNDANCE. There are numerous opportunities for everyone and there is no need for any cut throat competition in this field.

Stop Thinking and Start Working on it today and you will see the result in a year time.

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hadi said...

great im interested with ur article just start doing now okay
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